Wolfstones Hillclimb


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We are celebrating a century of Hillclimbing in Yorkshire and the centrepeice of the Festival, the new Wolfstones Hillclimb - which will be run on a closed-road course of 0.8 miles - embodies the original spirit of this high speed-sport.

Hillclimbing (also known as Speed Hillclimbing) is actually one of the world's oldest motorsports, with the drivers competing against the clock, one at a time, to complete a track which features a gradient in it - hence the name.

One of the great things about the Wolfstones is that you can get up close and see all the racing. This fast course will test the skills of the drivers as they compete to set the quickest time in their class and be the overall fastest car. 

There will be a wide range of cars racing each day - many of them rare and valuable - including classes for Pre-war racers, Jaguar Championship Cars, Standard, Modified and Special Classic Saloons and Sports Racing / GT cars, built before the end of 1985. There will be some top names from the sport in action, and some celebrity competitors, so come and meet them in the paddock!

Saturday and Sunday will be the competitive days - mixed in with the parades and demonstration runs that will make up Friday’s action on the hill

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