Club Clubs

If you run a Car Club or own a car and you would like to attend and display and show your car in the Car Club Paddock at the Festival we would like to hear from you.

Please see below about contacting us.

We are able to offer great Festival incentives and promotional opportunities to both Car Clubs and Enthusiasts - in addition to a great Fun packed weekend with great Demonstrations, Entertainment and a Spectacular competitive Hillclimb on Saturday and Sunday.

This will be a first in Yorkshire. To participate in the Festival we will need:

1. The name of your club 

2. Your name and position in the club 

3. Your phone number and email address 

4. Your Address 

5. Brief description of your club 

6. Dates that you can attend the Festival 

7. The numbers of members who may attend

8. Camping is available for weekend attendees, but must be pre booked 

Please email all these details to 

Important Notes

1. We are still limited on numbers that we can display, so please contact us as soon as possible.

2. As this is a motorsport event, the requested information is required for insurance and safety reasons.

3. Camping is available free of charge for those displaying cars for the weekend.

4. 24 Hour Security is included.