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Jaguar Powered Stock Car

Heritage Stock Car Number 274.

Throughout the late 1960's and into the 1970's Dennis Driscoll, a tyre dealer from east London, was one of the top drivers on the mighty F1 stock car circuit. Dennis’s cars were famous for not only being well prepared cars but were presented to standards above and beyond seen on the circuit and often utilised a traditional 'stock' body.


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One of his best remembered cars was the Fiat 500 bodied car from 1969 that featured a 4.2 straight six Jaguar engine complete with triple carbs!!

The Jaguar connection didn't just end in the engine department either  - as this iconic machine also had a Jag gearbox allied to a fully independent Jag' rear axle / suspension, and even ran Jaguar disc brakes mounted onto a traditional' Morris LD front beam axle.


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Fast forward five decades and Lee Fairman, a classic car restorer and ace fabricator based in Cornwall decided to recreate this amazing car for the extremely popular 'Golden Years' F1 Heritage Stock Car division.

Lee's Dad was one of Dennis' loyal crewman, and also the builder of this particular racer, 274 and the 'father & son' partnership have put together an absolutely inch perfect replica of the original car to bring back the memories.

It doesn't come out very often, but Lee has been known to give the car a few runs out on the UK dirt tracks, and in recent years the 274 stock car has appeared at Cadwell Park, Brands Hatch, and the Goodwood Revival where it always draws a huge crowd and is a smash hit with petrol heads everywhere!


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We are pleased to announce that this remarkable car will be joining the ever growing ranks of Golden Years F1 classic stock cars at the Yorkshire Motorsports Festival as Lee will be making the long trip north from his Cornwall base to take part in this Festival.

Come and say hello, take a photo and ask him to sign the Autograph section of your program.



Photos to Chris Clark Photography


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