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Aerobatic Air Display


During the Festival Steve Carver, a highly qualified Aerobatic Instructor will putting an Extra 260 aerobatic plane through its paces in the skies over the Yorkshire Motorsport Festival.

Steve Carver is a commercial pilot, aerobatic display pilot, examiner, instructor and instructor course tutor. He is authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority at Unlimited Level and information aerobatics down to 100 feet. This flying is equivalent to racing a Formula F1 car.


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Before Steve became a professional pilot he was a Lecturer in pure and applied mathematics. While lecturing, he lived in Holmfirth, the home of the Yorkshire Motorsport Festival. He now lives by the Cromford Canal in Derbyshire, where he also leads and volunteers in heritage and conservation with his wife and their animals.

The Extra 260 is a composite aerobatic aircraft, designed in Germany by Walter Extra. It is powered by a nine litre six cylinder 315 hp engine driving a 3-blade constant speed propeller which can be used like a very big gyroscope. Steve will display breathtaking wild tumbling aerobatic manoeuvres and manoeuvres that seem impossible. 


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This will be display that the whole family will enjoy. 

Please connect with Steve via his twitter feed @steveextra260 



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