Historic Wolfstones Hillclimb

Vintage Racers to the latest GTs


You can get up close and see all the racing - the Hillclimb is a technically challenging up and down course of approximately 1 mile. This fast course will test the skills of the drivers as they compete to set the fastest time in their class and be the overall fastest car.

Many of the drivers will be racing rare and beautiful cars that are only raced on special occasions, and many will be visiting Yorkshire for the first time.


For those intending to enter the Wolfstones Hillclimb,

Entry Forms and Supplementary Regulations will be available to download on the website from January 20th 2020

Classic Racing

Many of the racers will be driving rare and beautiful cars that are only raced on special occasions.

The racing will run all day on Saturday and Sunday. Friday will feature Parades and demonstration runs.

8 Racing Classes

There will be 8 classes of car racing each day, from Pre 78 racing cars to modified GT cars. Horsepower and driver skill is the name of the game.

Pick a good spot and enjoy some of the best cars in the world racing along our Yorkshire roads.

Hillclimb Racing


Hillclimbing (also known as speed hillclimbing) is a branch of motorsport in which drivers compete against the clock to complete an uphill course. Hillclimbs started in the UK in 1905 and is one of the world's oldest motorsports. 

Come and meet the drivers, such as Sarah Bosworth, a multi championship winner, who will be at the Festival.

Read more about the cars and drivers who will be attending the Festival